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Drug Addiction Clinics

There are many quality drug addiction clinics around South Africa that attract patients from the UK, Europe, the Middle East and other countries. They are obviously of varying quality and offer different treatment programs. Ideally you should choose one which matches your particular needs and expectations. Careful research will pay dividends because some clinics might promote a particular religion, or could be based on outmoded drug addiction treatment techniques.

Choosing a drug addiction clinic

The majority of drug addiction clinics are based on sound treatment models and are run by caring and professional staff. Things to look out for are the length of treatment, the model of treatment, the legal status of the centre and its staff, and lastly the facilities offered. See our article here for more information on how to choose an addiction treatment centre.

Length of stay in drug addiction clinics

Some treatment programs are as short as 21-28 days. These will generally be coupled with attendance at aftercare sessions held at the addiction treatment centre and 12 step fellowship meetings.  Aftercare sessions are facilitated by counsellors at the drug addiction clinics and allow patients to remain in touch with the clinic and receive ongoing drug addiction advice and guidance. 12 step groups offer support and a program of recovery that has been shown to promote a higher quality of recovery and longer periods of abstinence. Thus if you are considering a short-term program you should be aware that there is a period of ongoing outpatient therapy afterwards.

Longer term drug addiction rehabilitation programs are generally seen as being more effective, particularly for severe dependencies. Some academic literature suggests that for heroin addiction a nine month program is optimal. This may seem like an awfully long time, but it is important to remember that for much of this time the patient will be allowed to work and continue life while spending nights and weekends in the safety of a half-way house. Thus not all of the time is spent within the confines of drug addiction clinics. By offering this multi-phase treatment, addiction treatment consultants can provide their patients with the full continuum of care.

Model of treatment at drug addiction clinics

There are many different approaches to treatment in drug addiction clinics. Perhaps the oldest and most widely used is the “Minnesota Model” which was developed in the United States and later adopted worldwide. More recent models such as the “Matrix Model” have been developed following research into the efficacy of treatment. By looking at the outcomes of treatment and adapting the program accordingly the various models have evolved over time. When looking at the model of treatment at drug addiction clinics you should carefully assess whether they employ doctors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and counselors. Having a professionally qualified team of addiction treatment consultants is a sure sign of quality. By using members of multiple professions the clinic is able to draw on the specialized training each with its own viewpoint of addiction. This helps to prescribe a holistic treatment program.

Legal status of drug addiction clinics

Most countries will have criteria that drug addiction clinics must adhere to in order to be properly registered. Be sure to ask whether your proposed treatment centre is fully registered and that the registration status is up to date. You are perfectly entitled to ask for proof of this. If the centre is not able to demonstrate their registration status this should be a red warning flag to you. You don’t want to attend a facility that doesn’t comply with health registrations or is operated as a fly-by-night venture. Similarly your addictions counsellor should have professional standing and training.  This will help you to avoid being caught up with cowboy counselors.

The life of a drug addict – and the life of the addict’s family – all too often feels like a non-stop roller coaster. But you don’t HAVE to stay on that scary, unpredictable ride any longer. Call We Do Recover today for help in finding the right drug abuse treatment center for you or your loved one.
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