Can I detox from alcohol at home?

There are two main factors to consider when thinking about an alcohol detoxification from home.  Firstly we need to consider your physical safety and secondly whether you can get through the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.
Before answering the question as to whether you can detox from alcohol at home lets first have a look at what detoxification actually means.  This will help us to understand the issues at play and make an informed decision regarding drying out from alcohol at home.
Alcohol detox is the process of stopping drinking alcohol and flushing out any residual toxins.  This allows the body and mind to begin healing.  You can hardly expect to benefit from addictions counselling if you’re under the thought and emotion distorting influence of alcohol.
Okay, so what’s the fuss about then?  Well, alcohol detoxification can actually be a very dangerous or even fatal process.  Of all the substances one can get addicted to alcohol is among the most dangerous to stop abruptly.  Also the experience of stopping drinking is unpleasant and many people will pick up a drink just to make the shakes (or other withdrawal symptoms) go away.
Choosing the right sort of treatment is essential, so let We Do Recover direct you to an alcohol detox centre that will assess you and help you make this difficult decision.
What are the physical risks of alcohol detox?
If you’re going to try alcohol detox at home then you need to know what some of the warning symptoms are.  If you’re doing an alcohol detox at home you should be seeing a doctor every day for a checkup.
The mild to moderate symptoms of alcohol detox include:

Cold sweats
Weakness and fatigue

These may be manageable for a home alcohol detox under the guidance of a doctor with proper medication.
The more severe symptoms of alcohol detox can be extremely dangerous and must not be attempted at home.  You will need close medical care if you display any signs of delirium tremens, hallucinations or seizures.
There are products on the market that advertise themselves as a natural way to detoxify the body.  Be careful when considering using any such product and rather consult with your doctor first.  You may find that the product is not intended for the symptoms of alcohol detox and won’t work or worse it may interfere with your detoxification.
Remember that alcohol detox is really just the beginning of the progression to recovery.  One large benefit of drying out from alcohol in a rehab centre is that you will transit smoothly from detoxification into the treatment programme.  If you do it alone at home then you won’t be enjoying the full benefits of a treatment programme which greatly improves quality of life.
Alcohol rehabilitation programs really do work – independent research has proven that treatment for addiction is as successful as treatment for other chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and asthma.  Completing an alcohol detox is a necessary first step in recovery but not enough to fully reclaim your life.
After a home alcohol detox can I do an outpatient programme?
Not only is it possible but it’s a very good idea.  Alcohol detox only provides physical recovery which paves the path to full recovery which involves mental, emotional, social, spiritual and work.  An outpatient treatment programme will help you to examine your thoughts, attitudes and behaviours in order to choose what to change in order to live a better life.
Choosing the right way to undertake alcohol detox and how to proceed with recovery afterwards is an important decision.  Let our treatment experts share their experience with you.
Don’t delay in contacting an intake coordinator – that call just might save your life.

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