Alcoholism Effects on Family

It is not fair to say that all alcoholics are physically abusive towards their partners; however male alcoholics who have a history of violent tendencies towards their female partners are more likely to be violently abusive on the days that they drink alcohol.
So say the studies conducted at the University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions, which were reported in the February 2003 issue of the American Psychological Association’s Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.
According to the study the physical male aggression towards females on days that they consume alcohol are eight times more than on days when these men do not drink alcohol. Extreme male-to-female physical abuse on days that include drinking alcohol are over 11 times higher than the days without drink. The odds of any male-to-female abuse on days of heavy drinking are over 18 times higher and the odds of severe abuse are over 19 times higher. In the light of this study it would be fair to say that alcoholism increases abuse.
Abuse is a learnt behaviour that is not necessarily the result of substance abuse. Males who physically abuse female partners often use their drinking as an excuse for their violence and do not take responsibility for their dysfunctional behavior.
It is unclear how these results would refer to the general population. Research shows that heavy drinking and alcohol abuse by men in the general population does not always lead to physical violence in the family.
Alcoholism Increases Abuse Amongst Youth
A study of over 4,000 teenagers in 13 different schools in Britain found that binge drinking (alcohol abuse) lead to a significant increase of physical abuse and heightened the chance of youth becoming victims of violence, even if they were not violent themselves.
The Cardiff University study reported that youth who were drinking alcohol were more likely to be hurt. The study points to a link between alcohol abuse and susceptibility to harm, independent of any link between drinking and fighting.
The study also found that in the UK:

25 percent of 11 year old’s claim to drink monthly and 3.6 percent daily.
40 percent of 16 year old’s claim to drink weekly and 6.2 percent drink daily.
22.6 percent of 16 year old claim to get drunk over 21 times a year.

These figures are quite concerning and it’s apparent that alcoholism effects on the family is not only immensely damaging, it’s passed on to the younger generations. Having parents and teachers continue to discourage binge drinking and alcohol abuse by being good role models and maintaining open honest communication with teenagers will go a long way towards reducing violence in the future.
The study was published in the Journal of Adolescence. It discovered a strong link between the amount of alcohol abuse and the amount of violence.
Once again, it seems fair to say that alcoholism or alcohol abuse leads to an increase in the incident and severity of physical abuse and violence.
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