Addiction Treatment Centres

Addiction treatment centres are clinics that specialise in treating people that have become addicted to substances like alcohol and drugs or behaviours such as gambling, sex & love, gaming and eating disorders.
There are many such clinics across the world due to the global problem that addiction presents.  They are a fairly recent development in medical science, really only becoming prevalent in the last 50 years – despite the fact that addiction has been a problem since ancient times.

Who needs addiction treatment centres?

People often jokingly say that they are addicted to chocolate or shopping but when a doctor or psychologist talks about being “addicted” to a substance they usually mean that the person exhibits two key symptoms, namely “tolerance” and “withdrawal” that make them dependent on the substance or behaviour.  If a person is diagnosed as such they really should get advice in finding addiction treatment centres in their area.
Our Intake Coordinators will assist you in finding the best addiction treatment centre in your budget and arrange an immediate referral and admission should it be necessary, at no additional cost to you.

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Originally an American innovation addiction treatment centres are now found across the world.  Although they will differ between one another in terms of focus most world class rehab clinics will use a similar approach to treating addiction.  Each clinics approach would most likely have been developed from a base treatment model and since these models are shared it follows that the treatment will be similar.

Diagnosing addictions to behaviours such as eating disorders, sex addiction or gambling addiction is less cut and dried.  Gambling addictions are currently viewed as an impulse control disorder by the American Psychological Association and not an addiction in their own right.  Even sex addiction remains controversial in diagnosis; with some people saying that the label is a byproduct of social norms and that no such disorder exists.  Despite this these sort of addictions are able to be treated in addiction treatment centres, although the clinic would need specialised addiction treatment consultants.

Addiction Treatment Centres Programs

One common theme in world class clinics is the use of a multidisciplinary addictions treatment team.  Instead of using just one particular viewpoint of addiction a multi-disciplinary team can draw on the specialist expertise of all of its members.  For example: a doctor can provide medical insight, the psychologist can interpret behaviours, the social worker can provide context to the addicts life and the psychiatrist can assist in prescribing medication if need be. This combined effort from all spheres of addiction treatment consultants is key to best practice.
Addiction treatment centres that use such an approach have a significant advantage over those which rely too much on one viewpoint.

Short term programs in addiction treatment centres will last about a month.  Programs of up to 12 months are not unheard of, particularly for severe addictions of long standing.
During their time in an addiction treatment centres program the patients will participate in a number of therapeutic interventions, such as group therapy, individual counselling, art therapy, psychodrama, lectures, 12 step meetings, equine therapy and written work sessions.  It really depends on the particular clinic to decide on how to mix these various options of treatment together.

Choosing between addiction treatment centres

Since each of the addiction treatment centres in the world has a different program it follows that you will need to somehow evaluate which one is going to be most likely to help you recover.  In addition some clinics are more expensive than others and so you’ll need to be able to find a centre that fits your budget.
When choosing between addiction treatment centres you should pay careful attention to the staff complement.  Check that the staff are properly qualified and registered with the appropriate professional bodies.  Check that there multiple clinical disciplines are represented on staff.  Also check if the centre itself is registered with the appropriate government bodies.
Another key point is to examine the daily program in addiction treatment centres.  As mentioned before world class clinics will offer a diverse program comprising multiple sorts of therapy.  Make sure that the rehab centre you choose offers such a program.
If you need help finding a rehab centre or aren’t sure how to choose an addiction centre please email or call us right now and we’ll find the best addiction treatment centre near you and in your price bracket. We can arrange immediate referral and admission into clinics should it be necessary, at no additional cost to you.
Addiction is a chronic illness that progressively gets worse if left untreated.  Don’t delay!  If you would like help speak to one of our Intake Coordinators todday for an expert assessment.

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