Addiction Clinics in Johannesburg

This addiction treatment centre has a slightly different approach to treatment compared to other clinics. For one, there’s less focus on the past and no heavy counselling sessions. Instead, it is done with more of a focus on individual coaching interaction geared towards the “here and now”.

It also considers how you can take practical steps now to beat your addiction and live in recovery moving forwards.

Johannesburg Addiction Treatment Centres

The addiction treatment focuses on finding an identity outside the drug culture and the old way of life to develop the whole person and ensure a sense of purpose is associated with the new recovery behaviours.

Doing this increases self-worth, a key component to long term sobriety and addiction recovery.

The next stage is called re-integration or finding your way and prepares you for living back in the outside world with all its challenges.

In addition to this, the treatment centre has a program around well-being that will help improve your physical health and fitness as this is often negatively affected by long term addiction.

Residential Rehab Facilities

This residential rehab centre has all the facilities you would expect from a top South African rehab including a sauna and swimming pool. Rooms are furnished to a high standard and there are ample gardens as well as a gym.

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