Drug Rehab South Africa

South Africa is home to many fine alcohol treatment centers and drug rehab facilities as well as treatment programs for other addictions.

We are spoiled for choice when finding a detox facility or treatment center. Johannesburg and scenic Cape Town are both home to many top quality addiction treatment programs but there are also facilities in the more rural areas of South Africa that offer a peaceful treatment setting.

We have found that if the addict is willing to engage in a treatment program and follow the suggestions of the drug rehab in South Africa then they are in a very good position to obtain lasting and meaningful recovery.

It’s Important to Choose Correctly…

Of course because there are so many alcohol rehab programs and drug rehabilitation (rehab) centers in South Africa you should be careful in choosing which one to be admitted to.

The quality of the treatment facility as well as the method of treating your addiction can make a big difference in your treatment outcome. You should aim to ensure that you are admitted to the right treatment center or rehabilitation (rehab) program in order to maximise the chance that you will maintain ongoing recovery.

I have often seen an addict leave treatment without completing it. This usually happens when they are being confronted about their denial of the problem. They will use any excuse to leave the facility, so it is best to be able to say that the rehab center was chosen appropriately and that the addict knew what was in store.

Methods of Addiction Treatment in South Africa

There are several sorts of programs being used in alcohol treatment facilities and drug rehab programs in South Africa. Each treatment team develops its own paradigm of what recovery means and how best to help shift the client from a process of addiction into the process of recovery.

What About the Different Narcotic Substances?

Alcohol rehabilitation (rehab) programs in South Africa are usually based on the same general principles as an addiction to any other substance.

Each individual is treated as an individual and so the areas that are focused on will differ between alcohol and other substance addiction treatment programs. This holds true for other substances such as crack cocaine, prescription pills or heroin.

This philosophy is used in residential treatment centers and rehabs worldwide.

The Process of Treatment

Even before the addict arrives at the residential treatment center or joins any sort of addiction treatment program he/she should be thoroughly assessed.

This step is key to the success of the rehabilitation program in South Africa (and elsewhere).

The assessment should include a medical examination so that a proper detoxification (detox) plan can be drawn up. This will help to ease the negative symptoms of withdrawal. The aim is not only to reduce any medical risks the client may face but also to help him/her cope with the very difficult time that follows discontinuing drinking or drugging.

The addict needs to have completed detox and be free of any drink or drugs for the treatment (rehab) program in South Africa to work.

The willingness of the addict, which is so important to the success of the rehab program, will be assessed. This is usually done through a self-report questionnaire where the addict is encouraged to be honest about his/her motivation to be admitted into a residential treatment program.

The level of motivation can inform the decision about which rehabilitation center in South Africa to choose.

Many of the people who are diagnosed with some form of substance abuse (drug addiction or alcoholism) will have been neglecting their personal care prior to admission at at a residential treatment center.

This is especially true of the addicts whose substance removes hunger, such as heroin or methamphetamine addicts. A good rehabilitation (rehab) center in South Africa will have a nutritional program that is nourishing and healthy. They will generally make sure that the addict starts eating again in order to start regaining physical health.

What are the 12 Steps?

The “12 Steps” are more formally known as the “12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous” and are a recommended program of action for alcoholics wanting to get sober and find recovery.

They have been adapted to hundreds of other support fellowships that address a very wide range of addictions. These fellowships are non-profit groups that meet regularly to help each other stay clean and are not ever affiliated with a a treatment center or rehab.

Drug rehab in South Africa usually entails attendance at relevant 12 Step meetings while in residential treatment. Such fellowships include Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Overeaters Anonymous (OA) and Gamblers Anonymous (GA).

Not all alcohol treatment programs in South Africa are based on the 12 steps.

The Financial Reasons to Choose Drug Rehab in South Africa

The facility pictured at the top of this post costs less than $11,000 USD per month for a private room. This is a truly world class facility at a price that is half what one might expect to pay in America or the UK.

Of course not every facility is that expensive: there are options starting from $3400 USD per month.

If you need help in choosing a drug rehab or alcohol treatment facility in South Africa please contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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