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Quality Rehabs

Selecting a quality rehab centre is a very important and often difficult decision for many families who’s loved one has become addicted. Few people know what to look for and rehabilitation centre’s can either seem so different from each other in location, approach to addiction treatment and prices that this only adds to the confusion.

Other families tell me that it seems as if all addiction treatment centres do the same thing and the more expensive ones are just charging for the luxury facilities. Unfortunately this is not the case. Quality rehabs will have their own unique programs, qualified and appropriate levels of staffing, philosophy and approach to treatment as well as costs and results. Before making any hasty decisions, it is wise to ask the appropriate questions and get all of the facts. Quality rehabilitation centre’s will offer a number of the following options.

Quality Rehabs Offer a Selection of Programs

Any quality drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre will provide a selection of different treatment programs to suit individual cases, such as inpatient facilities, long term residential programs (both Primary & Secondary care units), outpatient facilities (otherwise known as afterhours rehab), and short-term options. The ability to structure a bespoke package around client needs is important. Some patients may need a brief 5 day in-patient detoxification followed by 6-8 weeks of out-patient rehabilitation and then a year’s aftercare attendance. Others will need 6-weeks of in-patient Primary Care rehab followed by 12 weeks of Secondary care and then live in a Tertiary care or Halfway House for a year.

The length of time spent in rehab usually depends on how severe the addiction is and at what stage it is has been arrested. It has been proven that for any severe dependency there needs to be at least 12 weeks or 90 days in-patient rehabilitation of sufficient quality. Rehabs that cannot offer this lack the ability to fully meet patient’s needs. Short term programs that are near home are usually the most popular choice, however according to statistics they are not always the most successful in the long run and the individual often has to go through treatment again.

It can; however be a great starting point before long term treatment. The short term programs are best used as detoxification to aid the patients through the drug and alcohol withdrawal. After Detox it is essential to quickly participate in a quality drug and alcohol rehabs programme. Most quality rehabs will allow addicted patients a seamless transition from detoxification to full time engagement in the treatment program. Some quality rehabs try to get the newly admitted patient to attend lectures and group therapy as soon as possible after admission as this allows for faster integration in the group and a speedier recovery.

Quality Rehabs Include Medical Treatment

It is always an advantage to have medical treatment available at rehab. Professional and trained medical staff that can monitor safe withdrawal from alcohol or drugs is a necessity for any quality rehab, particularly when they specialise in addiction treatment. It is important that they can oversee each patient’s progress and make the necessary changes to medication and the treatment plan. Find out which medical costs are included in the price of rehabilitation. Be sure of what will be added to your bill as an extra and what your health insurance or medical aid covers. The best way to find out is to ask questions and talk to an addictions counsellor or advisor at WeDoRecover. They offer free advice on quality rehabs in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand.

With over 20 years experience in the field they are best placed to help you choose which clinic and approach is going to suit you more. Call today on
081 444 7000 in South Africa
0808-267-3422 in the UK
email: [email protected]

Don’t be afraid to discuss your insurance coverage and your financial worries. Remember to look for the best value for money for your treatment. The cost also needs to be considered in the light of quality and performance.

Quality Rehabs Encourage Family Participation

Often families don’t realise just how impacted they’ve been by their loved ones addiction to alcohol or other drugs. It’s also very important for families to assist is raising the addicted persons level of awareness around just how bad their addiction has been, not only to themselves but for all concerned. The important role that families play cannot be underestimated. Attending a quality rehabs Family Programme will not only help you to learn about the best stance to adopt in relation to your addicted loves one but also to help the patient to more fully realise just how negative and destructive their addiction has been.

For without his paramount realisation the addicted persons motivation to pursue recovery behaviours in all weather, fair or foul, and put in the immense effort needed to sustain recovery from addiction will waver. Therefore family involvement is a very important part of the recovery process; please find out how you can best involve yourself without overstepping any boundaries. Any quality rehabs Family Programme will discuss boundaries and co-dependence – 2 addictions related terms that carry immense weight. Quality Rehab centres differ in their policies regarding family involvement during rehab. Family Programs offer everything from educational lectures to family therapy sessions.
If you or a loved one is addicted find a quality rehab that can meet your needs today!


Quality Rehab Includes an Aftercare Program

Addiction to alcohol or other drugs has no quick fixes and any treatment approach that claims a 100% success rate or a quick and easy recovery is bogus. Addiction recovery is a continual process and everything learnt during the treatment process needs to be incorporated into normal life. Rehabs that offer an aftercare program supporting and tracking progress are usually more successful. This maintained ‘connection’ with the clinic and where recovery started is a useful means of remembering what it was like and just how much you’d like to NOT go back!

Quality Rehab Should Have Documented Success Stories

Although relapse is always a risk, the ratio of past patients finishing the program and remaining clean and sober as opposed to those who relapse is interesting to look at. Successful recovery is based on the quality of the program, as well as the duration of the program. Generally the longer an individual remains in rehab, the greater the success of recovery. Most quality rehabs offer programs of three months or more. There are many quality rehabs available offering all forms of addiction treatment and giving the best possible help to those who are trying to deal with their addiction. The choice of a suitable rehab program is often difficult and confusing.

If you need help with the many choices of rehabs available near you and the treatment they offer, please contact us for guidance and addiction advice.
081 444 7000 in South Africa
0808-267-3422 in the UK
email: [email protected]

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