Effects of Drinking

People drink alcohol for all sorts of reasons. Alcohol has been used as a part of religious ceremonies, social lubrication and celebration for centuries. Most commonly people drink alcohol as a way of relaxing, removing inhibitions and helping them be sociable.

When alcohol is consumed excessively it can become harmful to an individual’s well being.

The World Health Organisation has stipulated that drinking more than 21 units of alcohol weekly for males and 14 units of alcohol per week is constituted as harmful (in simple terms, 8 pints of the same lager per week for males and 1 and a half bottles of wine for females). If an individual drinks regularly on more than five days per week it is also thought to be alcohol abuse.

It is also true that females are more prone to the damaging consequences of excessive drinking.

Studies have proven that drinking one unit of alcohol per day, five days a week can have a positive effect on the heart but realistically it’s quite difficult to just have one unit per day and long term use of alcohol and small drinking levels of even 2-3 units a day could lead to illnesses such as cirrhosis of the liver.

Other harmful consequences that excessive drinking could cause is brain damage (dementia and memory loss) and it can also affect the cardiovascular system with heart attacks and high blood pressure becoming more prevalent.

It can also cause things such as stomach ulcers and cancer, pancreatitis and nerve damage as well as psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Drinking can also damage your social life as it affects your work, personal relationships and can lead to crime and violence.

If you or a loved one think you have an alcohol abuse or addiction problem please feel free to call us right now for help.

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