Costs of Alcohol Detox

Unfortunately everything we do today costs money, even getting well if you’re sick, in an accident or addicted to alcohol. Certainly when it comes to health care the old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true. Virtually nothing is free as all clinics and rehabs have costs of their own to pay for.  The same applies to the costs of alcohol detoxification. Costs associated with helping an alcoholic quit drinking need to be paid by someone. Most governments have state funded alcohol detoxification programmes that are far inferior to the private clinics, in facilities as well as the overall quality of clinical care.

Can you imagine trying to attract the brightest newly qualified psychologists, social workers, addictions counsellors, psychiatric nurses and other clinical staff, as well as retain the most experienced, empathic and caring staff?

You’d need to be able to offer them a remuneration package commensurate with their level of skill and personality. These people are at the top of their field and should be appropriately rewarded for striving to be their best to better enable them to serve the sick and suffering alcoholic through his or her detoxification and further treatment.  So the price of retaining top staff in the best clinics to provide professional, safe, comfortable detoxification facilities is going to be a little more than the local state funded rehab. Of course this is a generalisation and I have very skilled fiends that work at state run rehabs throughout the UK and South Africa that are great clinicians and very devoted to their work.

However the fact remains, the overall treatment experience is a much better one at private clinics. One of the potential advantages of paying privately for alcohol rehabilitation may be that the patient approaches it more seriously.

How Much is Alcohol Detox?

One of the first questions always asked when considering alcohol detox is, “How much?” Unfortunately there is not a one price fits all.  The price of alcohol detoxification depends on the type of rehab chosen, the clinics level of luxury, quality of food served, any after-hours excursions, (scuba diving, shark cage diving, whale and dolphin watching, bungi jumping etc ).

Find out what is included in the program and if anything else will be added to the bill. Also ask what services are covered by health insurance. It is advisable to speak to an intake counsellor to get specific advice on what will work for your individual circumstances. The advisor can discuss your situation and help you to find the most affordable way forward.

Cheaper Options for Alcohol Detox

There are a few options that cost very little however many patients are seeking treatment abroad due to the great quality of care and current exchange rates making Detox more affordable. We can also arrange discounts on some clinics when they’re low on patients and the directors just need to fill more beds. This may help to reduce costs.  There are also professional treatment centre’s that offer alcohol detox payment plans and alternative payment options, assistance with paying or sliding-scale fees.  Don’t be afraid to ask if the detoxification clinic has a payment assistance plan for someone who lost their job or has no insurance or medical aid.

Support Groups like AA have helped so many people learn how to live life sober and they do not charge. AA is sustained through voluntarily donations of the members. Who ever heard of self supporting alcoholics?! What a fantastic organisation Alcoholics Anonymous is.

Self-detoxification at home under the supervision of your doctor and family is an option that costs little, yet statistically it is not as successful as joining a professional program. The reasons are varied. It is very difficult to overcome the power and temptation of the familiar, including the physical surroundings where drinking is a norm, the emotional reasons for drinking and the social environment that may encourage it. The alcoholic seeking to detox at home by themselves, also has to deal with the withdrawal symptoms alone, which is extremely difficult even with the help of your doctor and close family members. Please do not try to detox at home alone without help, it can be dangerous and even fatal!

It is also a huge challenge to resist the fierce urge to drink again without professional help. Detox clinics can ease these difficulties through various methods including medication.

The costs of Alcohol Detox Programs can be Affordable

Obviously there are exclusive and very expensive alcohol rehab and detox programs, however not all centres are exorbitant. Many treatment facilities are there to help as many people as possible and offer good quality programs at affordable rates. Take time to do research on alcohol detoxification programs that are available. Feel free to contact WeDoRecover for help in finding a clinic most suitable to your needs.

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