Residential rehab in the Cape, South Africa

Affordable residential rehabilitation for addictions near the mountains and sea of the Cape Peninsula has helped many on their process to recovery.

The treatment at this rehab centre is based on the principle that recovery is a journey requiring different levels of support along the way and the programme involves different stages of treatment aiming for life long recovery.

The primary Cape Town addiction treatment is based on the 12-step programmes and the best evidence-based therapeutic approaches with each person being treated as an individual.

Typical primary treatment programmes run for between 4-12 weeks.

Secondary treatment, aimed at achieving lasting recovery is based at a similar location, set on a large property with swimming pool and sauna.

Success rates from this treatment programme are very high with 80% remaining sober after one year.

A third stage of treatment is also available which aims to reintegrate you into the workplace/studying and assuming the majority share of responsibility for your recovery from addiction or alcoholism.

This third stage is known as Tertiary Care or living in a Halfway House and whilst there is sufficient support from other recovering peers and professional staff, this level of support allows you to move forward into your own life again.

The best residential rehab centre’s throughout Cape Town and South Africa have all three stages of addiction treatment facilities available for their patients.

This residential rehab clinic can treat all types of addiction, including drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, overeating, gambling and co-dependency.

Need help in finding the right residential rehab for you?
We Do Recover specialise in finding the best residential rehab for you, taking into account your particular needs, your addiction, your location and your budget. We are able to arrange immediate access to clinical detox and rehab if required. Call us on 081-444-7000 for help.

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