Rehab Centres in Thailand

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Thailand

This clinic in Thailand is absolutely unique in being the only luxury, residential drug and alcohol addiction spa treatment centre in South East Asia providing a safe, discreet, confidential and therapeutic environment for select clients.

Their highly effective programme enables you to understand your addiction and develop strategies to change these behaviours and improve your quality of life.

The treatment program is comprehensive and designed to be highly individualised, bespoke to your individual needs. We believe that treating the whole person requires a thorough understanding of each person’s history, challenges and lifestyle.

Luxury Extended Care and Rehab

This is Asia’s only dedicated Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation centre for English speaking clients.

Utilising a 12-step CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) approach with all international therapeutic staff, this clinic believes in treating the whole person, not just the addiction.

Set in a lush tropical paradise on the banks of a River, this rehab offers you a 28-day primary care programme unlike anything available elsewhere in the world and tailored to your needs.

All programmes can be extended if necessary.

All patients work with our rehab counselling team to determine what caused their addiction. Patients receive alcohol and drug treatment in the form of individual and group therapy.

Our rehab counselling team provides our patients with the tools they need to stay clean for life. Counselling sessions are held in the gardens, in the cabins and by the river allowing patients to enjoy the beauty of Thailand during their recovery.

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