How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Last?

One of the most common questions that we’re asked every day by alcoholics & concerned loved ones is ‘how long does alcohol rehab last?

In order to answer this question properly, you have to understand the seriousness of the problem at hand. Lots of people think that alcoholism is something that can be dealt with on its own but the truth is that it can’t be.

Alcoholism is a chronic, incurable brain disease that will continually get worse the longer it’s left untreated.

You might have heard stories of alcoholics that have managed to quit drinking without receiving any professional help but this is rare & the chances of this happening to you are very slim. Besides, the side-effects of going cold-turkey are very dangerous & can even be life-threatening, so why take the risk?

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism, the best & safest way to treat it is to stay inside an alcohol rehab centre where you’ll receive medical care, counselling, therapy & education from people who are experienced in treating this addiction.

The minimum stay in alcohol rehab is 4 weeks but this is merely a guideline. In order to accurately determine how long you or your loved one will stay in rehab, here are some of the things that will be taken into account:

  • The nature & severity of your addiction
  • Your finances

Let’s get to the first point. The nature & severity of your alcoholism will always differ to the next alcoholics.

Let’s make an example. John has been abusing alcohol for over 7 years, however Michael has only had a drinking problem for a year.

Because John has had an alcohol problem longer than Michael, the general rule of thumb is that he will probably have to receive more treatment. However, if Michael’s symptoms are more severe than John’s, he may also have to stay in alcohol rehab for longer than just the 4 weeks.

Going over to the second point, how much money you have available for alcohol rehab can also play a big role in determining if you’ll be able to stay longer than the minimum stay. In South Africa, some medical aid schemes will cover the full cost of treatment, while others just pay for the bulk of your stay & you’ll have to pay the rest of the balance.

For more information about the costs of addiction treatment, give us a call now.

You might say that there’s no way that you can simply take 4 weeks out of your life for alcohol rehab because of your responsibilities at work or at home. The reality is that if you allow alcoholism to continue, you could lose everything – your family, friends, your career & most importantly, your life.


Step 1.

Make The Call

Whether you are ready for treatment or not. Our helpline is 100% confidential and we are here to chat.

Step 2.

Medical Detox

Step 2 consists of the detoxification process. All you need to do is show up and we will help with the rest.

Step 3.

Residential Treatment

Step 3 begins when detox is completed. During this phase, you can expect intensive residential treatment.

Step 4.

Outpatient & Aftercare

Step 4 is when you begin to re-enter society, armed with the tools needed for lifelong recovery from addiction.

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