Addiction Treatment Centre in Johannesburg

The treatment for drug & alcohol addictions offered at this rehabilitation centre in Johannesburg is of a very high standard. This clinic attracts many patients from the UK, Europe, the Middle East and other countries due to the excellent quality of care and value for money.

The clinical team has been working together many years and has developed a reputation for working well with the more difficult cases of alcoholism & drug addiction – people who are chronic relapser’s and those who suffer from a 'dual diagnosis'.

A Dual Diagnosis is when patients have both a substance abuse disorder (addiction to alcohol or other drugs) and a coexisting psychiatric illness such as depression, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, social phobia, or other illness.

Alcoholism and addiction are ‘primary illnesses’ and have the ability to mimic psychiatric illness, so it’s imperative to focus the initial treatment on stabilising the chemical dependency.

Addiction Treatment Centre in Johannesburg

The symptoms of one condition may mask or aggravate the symptoms of the other. It is possible for people to have more than two disorders. Having a dual diagnosis can make drug / alcohol rehab more difficult and demands a high level of competence from a multidisciplinary team of addiction treatment consultants.

Alcoholism & drug addiction can be related to unresolved issues from the past or current circumstances and personality. It’s critical to accurately assess each patient and develop a flexible treatment plan that will be negotiated throughout the patients stay in rehab.

Do You Need Help Finding The Right Addiction Treatment Programme?

Drug RehabThe centre has a consultant GP  who provides ongoing medical care. The addiction treatment program will also include individual and group therapy and when appropriate, couple or family counselling.

This treatment centre provides extended secondary care following a period of residential rehabilitation, which helps further develop the coping strategies and patterns of living to remain in recovery.

Finding a suitable and appropriate addiction treatment centre for yourself or a loved one is a tricky task and is definitely something that should not be done without the help of professionals.

This decision may have a major influence on whether treatment will be successful or not.

WeDoRecover specialise in helping those with an addiction find the right treatment programme at an appropriate addiction centre. All our advice is free and impartial, and we can arrange immediate access to detox and rehabilitation if required. Call us on 082-747-3422 at let our internationally accredited addiction counsellors assist you now.

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