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Does a family member
have an addiction problem

It’s important for family and friends to realise the critical role that they play in the addicted persons life, and in their recovery too.

It’s an absolute myth that addicts and alcoholics need to be self motivated and entirely “ready for rehab” to benefit from treatment. The disease of addiction itself renders the victims of addiction to alcohol and other drugs less and less capable of a spontaneous recognition of the severity of their symptoms.

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The road to recovery, via addiction treatment, is a rocky one and is an entirely different experience for each and every person.
If you are ready to begin your journey to recovery, for yourself or a loved in contact us.

Do I have an addiction problem?

People from all walks of life end up addicted to alcohol and other drugs, behaviours like gambling, sex addiction and eating disorders.

We’ve treated high court judges, an ex-presidents bodyguard, high performance athletes as well as people who’ve lived on the streets and everyone in between. Becoming addicted isn’t a reflection of poor character, lack of will power or intellectual prowess. Becoming addicted doesn’t mean we’re bad people who need to be good, it means we’re sick people who need some treatment and help to get better.

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Whether you're new to recovery or a longtimer, share your story of freedom from addiction & help other
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What we do

Everybody's needs are unique.
We help you pick the best addiction treatment program for you.

  • Immediate admission to the best private clinics.
  • The largest network of private treatment centres in South Africa, the UK and Thailand.
  • Call now and get expert advice from professional addiction counsellors.
  • Our purpose is to match the most beneficial treatment to your needs, considering your budget, your specific addiction and treatment history, as well as your age and other risk factors.
  • Using our advisory service to determine which addiction treatment centre, detox or rehabilitation centre best meets your needs cost no more than if you'd approached the clinic directly and sometimes we can even subsidised treatment.

Addiction information

For more information about alcoholism and addiction, please download our PDF e-Books below: