Psychiatric Clinics

Our specialist mental health clinics are fully licensed, with 720 beds at 9 different hospitals in South Africa, the largest private psychiatric hospital group in Africa.

Contact us to find out how your medical aids covers 21 days of in-patient psychiatric care and 21 days of in-patient addiction treatment per year.

We offer comprehensive and multi-dimensional programmes specially designed to accommodate all patients, ranging from young adult (13 – 18 years) to adult and geriatric psychiatry programmes.

Our specialist mental health clinics are fully licensed with 720 beds at 9 different hospitals in South Africa. The therapeutic approach follows the highest international standards of clinical ethics and practice.  The program duration can be anything from 5 days to 6 weeks, which your medical aid should cover in full.

Quality treatment needs to be comprehensive and delivered by a multidisciplinary team of experienced and accredited professionals. Treatment must address the physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, legal, social and historical issues to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Our multi-disciplinary teams include psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, registered counsellors and specialist nurses. We provide treatment for all forms of mental health issues, such as:

Anxiety and mood disorders, eating disorders, impulse control and addiction disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychotic and personality disorders, stress response syndromes, somatic symptom disorders, tic disorders, including Tourette’s syndrome, dissociative and factitious disorders, sexual and gender issues, other conditions involving the brain like sleep-related problems, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

We Do Recover has never met a patient that has a severe addiction and doesn’t have depression or anxiety or some other mental health problem. As a result, mental health issues and substance abuse feed into each other, and one condition will often make the other worse. Because alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, the use of this drug tends to trigger depression symptoms like lethargy and hopelessness.

People with mental health issues tend to self medicate with alcohol and other drugs in an attempt to find some relief. People with severe alcohol and drug dependencies often have mental health issues as a direct result of addiction.

Working out whether it’s the chicken or the egg can be important. Whats important is that comprehensive and appropriate treatment is provided that addresses both areas.

Often, dual diagnosis treatment for alcohol and other drugs, gambling, sex addiction, eating disorders and gaming is necessary to achieve meaningful recovery.

Without medical aid, a three-week stay would cost around R 63,000.00. Contact us now for an assessment.

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