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    Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

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Help for others

Addiction Treatment Advice for Families and Friends

It’s important for family and friends to realise the critical role that they play in the addicted persons’ life, and in their recovery too.

It’s an absolute myth that addicts and alcoholics need to be self-motivated and entirely “ready for rehab” to benefit from treatment. The disease of addiction itself renders the victims of addiction to alcohol and other drugs less and less capable of a spontaneous recognition of the severity of their symptoms.

Deluded and resistant patients can recover without having to “hit rock bottom”.

The family and friends of a person addicted to alcohol or other drugs can either continue to enable the addictive behaviour and alleviate it’s consequences or begin to put the addicted person in a position where they have to acknowledge their illness and start to take responsibility for it.

If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol or other drugs, WeDoRecover can help you to get them into them a private addiction treatment centre or alcohol rehab immediately, please call us on:

addiction treatment in South Africa SA: 081-444-7000 Cellular rates apply
drug rehabilitation in the united kingdomUK: 0800 955 4357 Freephone
Email: [email protected]

WeDoRecover also does interventions for families, bringing some clarity to the addicted persons situation and allowing them to feel more closely the consequences of their behaviour.

It’s paramount to remember that crisis, rather than spontaneous insight, is often the key to recovery. As family and friends of the addicted person, you can do a lot to bring about the crisis that results in an admission to an addiction treatment centre for your loved one.

The purpose of an intervention is to present reality in a receivable way and is not a perfect scientific method. The insidious disease of addiction has the ability to confuse and delude those closest to the patient as well. Most often though, the addicted or alcoholic person is the last one to realise the magnitude of their problem.

It’s quite rare for an addictions treatment centre to be approached by the patient directly. It’s usually the patients family and friends that have had enough and force the patient to get some help. Interestingly, this kind of pressure can actually help the patient to not only get well but to also stay well.

Our expert addictions consultants are waiting for your call. They’re trained to help you understand what options are available to you and will give you useful advice on what really works when trying to get an addict or alcoholic to accept treatment.

You can call us right now for immediate, free and totally confidential advice and admission to the best private rehabs throughout the UK, South Africa and Thailand.

If you wish to access in-patient rehab immediately with clinical detox from only £450/R6000 per week

Please call from the UK
or from SA

We have also written a few articles that you may find useful. Here are some to get you started:

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Recovery is Possible

There is no such thing as a substance abuse problem is so severe the patient cannot benefit from treatment at a quality drug rehabilitation or alcohol rehab centre.

However, as addiction is recognised by the world’s leading health authorities as a primary, progressive and chronic illness, the longer you leave this disease untreated the worse it becomes.

Yes, despite the huge social stigma and much debate, alcoholism & drug addiction are recognised as illnesses by the world’s leading medical authorities.

Contact us right away for a confidential discussion about how you can make a difference in helping your friend or a family member find long term, contented recovery from active alcoholism or drug addiction.

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