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Outpatient Addiction Rehab

An outpatient addiction rehab is treatment program that enables patients to continue to fulfill the major obligations of their lives.
Patients to do not full time at the rehab, they continue to live at home and go to work while going to the treatment centre for group therapy and addiction counseling sessions.  This means that you can attend to your daily responsibilities while still receiving treatment.
Just like a “normal” rehabilitation facility, an outpatient addiction rehab will be staffed by an expert team of addiction treatment consultants.  They will provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment in which you can explore your drug addiction recovery with confidence.
The need for outpatient addiction rehab
Addiction is a very serious illness that has affected millions of people around the globe.  The addictive behaviour of the addict or alcoholic drinker spills out onto the people around them creating distress in the family and workplace.
If the addiction of somebody you know is affecting your life then you could consider consulting with one of our intake counsellors about the best way to ask them to attend an outpatient addiction rehab program.
If you are worried about your own drinking problem or drug taking and find that you cannot stop by yourself then an outpatient addiction rehab will provide the structure and support that you need to successfully put down the drugs for good.  While you are on the program you will be tested regularly as a precaution and to help reduce the temptation to use.
Detox and outpatient addiction rehab
Before considering outpatient addiction rehab you need to make sure that you will be able to handle the detox phase without the help that you would receive as an in-patient at a clinic.  An addict who stops using drugs will experience withdrawal symptoms that are very unpleasant.  A medically supervised detoxification process will include prescribing medication that reduces the effect of these withdrawal symptoms, which makes it easier to quit drugs.
It must be said that an outpatient addiction rehab is not a soft way out for addicts.  Addiction is a powerful illness because it affects every area of life and reaches deeply into the psyche of the addict.  Untangling the complex issues and working on core issues requires the addicted patient to honestly examine parts of their life that may be painful.  Of course this is done with the support of experienced addictions counsellors and the group.
Is outpatient addiction rehab effective?
Outpatient addiction rehab can be effective in transforming the patient’s life and helping them to permanently beat addiction.  If the person follows the program they will stay clean, but also be more content and effective that they were prior to attending the out-patient addiction rehab program.
Patients that complete the treatment program are generally set on a path of self-improvement that is rewarding and exciting.  In all respects addiction recovery is a gift to whoever is willing to adhere to the programs regime.
The best outpatient addiction rehab programs will cover a wide range of addiction topics and general life skills.  This ensures that participants are able to reinvent themselves and learn new ways of dealing with life.  There is an old saying that goes “we don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are”.
By changing ourselves we change our experience of the world around us.  What used to be painful and ugly has the potential to become joyous and rewarding. Many recovering drug addicts describe their darkest hours as the most useful gifts they have, precisely because it can be used to help other still suffering addicts.
Therefore make sure that any outpatient addiction rehab you choose employs a recovery program that continues even after you complete treatment.  This aftercare process is a critical component of the addiction recovery process.
A multi-disciplinary team of addiction treatment consultants (12 step support workers, qualified addictions counsellors, medical doctors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists) should join forces to provide a comprehensive recovery program.  By having different input from these professionals you will receive a more holistic view of addiction and recovery.
If you want to find an outpatient addiction rehab then please contact one of our drug addiction treatment consultants for a free & confidential assessment.  The sooner you ask for help the sooner your life will improve, so call us today.

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