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Dr. Bob Smith

Born on Friday 8 August 1879 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Robert Holbrook Smith or most famously known as Dr. Bob was one of the co-founders of the global organisation, Alcoholics Anonymous.
Smith was an American physician, surgeon as well as an alcoholic who with the help of another alcoholic, Bill Wilson came up with the idea of the AA.
Wilson was scared that he could suffer a relapse after a deal at work went sour. Seeking the support of other alcoholics, he managed to get hold of Dr. Bob, who after speaking to him, also managed to stop drinking.
However, Smith relapsed a month later and was told to drink by Wilson to avoid a condition known as delirium tremens.
On Monday 10 June 1935, Smith drank one last beer to calm himself down before performing a surgery. This date is celebrated worldwide as the day AA was founded.
Smith, who was fondly known as the “Prince of Twelfth Steppers” was able to remain clean and sober till the day he died.
Smith passed away on Thursday 16 November 1950, after a struggle with colon cancer.

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