Will my medical aid pay for drug rehab?

I often have people ask me "Will my medical aid cover drug rehab"? Private addiction treatment can be quite expensive and any contribution that medical insurance can make will be most worth it.

Medical Aid & Drug Rehab in South Africa

In South Africa most medical aid funds will cover drug rehab provided that the substance abuse treatment center is properly licensed by the Department of Social Development. Of course this depends on the particular fund of which you are a member, and you should call them to find out.

Another way to find out is simply to ring the drug rehab and ask them whether they have had patients with the same medical aid as you and whether they experienced in problems in claiming from medical insurance.

Medical aids understand that addiction treatment is a very intricate process. They may prefer you to go to a particular drug rehab center that they have had positive experiences with in the past. You should find out if your medical aid will suggest a clinic to you or if they are prepared to let you choose any addiction treatment clinic.

Drug rehab is only going to help you find addiction recovery if it is able to explore the core issues that underline your addiction. Substance abuse is a disorder with psychological and physical roots - medical aids understand that drug rehab needs to address the dual nature of this illness in order to be effective.

Will My Medical Aid Pay for Drug Rehab?

When choosing an addiction treatment center in South Africa you should make sure that they have the staff available to provide your medical aid with the details they need to make payment. Your medical aid will most likely need a formal diagnosis by a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist before they are willing to pay for your stay. A drug rehab that offers a comprehensive program will be able to provide you with all the needed documentation to cover you with your medical aid and at work.

Usually a South African medical aid will not pay for extended care past the initial few weeks at a registered drug rehab center. Even though the results of addiction treatment are greatly improved by attendance at such a clinic the medical aids are not willing to pay for anything beyond first-line treatment.

There are plenty of affordable drug rehabs in South Africa, and medical aid cover brings some of the more expensive ones within reach of the middle classes. Please contact us if you would like help in finding a registered drug rehab clinic.

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