Your Local Affordable And Effective Recovery Programmes

Being addicted to a substance or action could ruin your life, especially if you let it get out of control. Many people do not realise the fine line between occasional drug abuse and full blown drug addiction. Effective and Affordable Recovery Programmes These people usually find themselves victim to the fiery grips of addiction when […]

Understanding Treatment of Drug Addiction

It has mistakenly believed that a drug addict needs to desire recovery in order to be treated for drug addiction; however recent findings suggest that pressure from friends, family, employers or the legal system on the addict to obtain treatment, improves their treatment outcomes. This is a critical point as most family members wait around […]

Understanding Addiction as a Brain Disease

A common misperception of drug addicts is that as individual’s, they lack willpower and deserve to be judged for this self inflicted behaviour and its consequences. Scientific research says otherwise, stating that addiction is a chronic disorder which can be treated much like other chronic illnesses can be treated. Addiction is a chronic disorder Addicts […]

Twelve Step Programs

Addiction and twelve step programs seem to be two terms that have become synonymous with each other. If a person mentions a friend or family member who is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, the usual advice given is to get them to join Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. What exactly are these twelve step […]

More About Alcohol Abuse – From A Professional Drink Rehab Clinic

Alcohol addiction and abuse is often something individuals suffer from for quite some time before friends or family recognise that it goes beyond what’s considered to be normal. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that active alcoholism is a common addiction and many people experience it for longer than they need to before seeking […]

How does the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step programme work?

The 12-Step meetings and programme focus on spirituality, self awareness and service to other struggling alcoholics and society. “Trust God, Clean house, Help others” is a common saying in Alcoholics Anonymous that sums up the entire 12step programme and principles. People are generally introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) when seeking alcohol detox advice or […]

Alcohol Detox Advice

Patients that seek our advice are often anxious about alcohol detoxification and the discomfort of withdrawal. It’s important to remember that with proper medical attention an alcohol detox can be a well managed and comfortable experience. The purpose of alcohol detox The purpose of any alcohol detox is to appropriately reduce the discomfort associated with alcohol withdrawal, preventing the development of more serious […]

7 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Drug Addiction Recovery

If you’ve either finished a drug rehabilitation program or are about to begin one you’re no doubt wondering what you can do to enhance your drug addiction recovery chances. Successfully recovering from addiction means the adoption of new behaviours that will initially go against the grain and be entirely foreign to what you’re used to. […]

How Do I Stop Using Drugs?

Many people abuse substances as a normal part of their lives. Whether it’s social use with peers on weekends or using secretly to cope better with the everyday stresses and strains, sometimes it progresses from there and we can find ourselves addicted and unable to stop using drugs. Addiction is such an insidious disease and […]

5 Ways to Make Your Addiction Recovery a Success

Recovering from addiction is not an easy thing to achieve. It demands constant attention, dedication and commitment from you for the rest of your life. At first glance, it may seem like a mountain to climb but remember, every successful journey begins with preparation and a plan. In this article, we are going to […]