South Africa Drug Rehab

Why do so many people fly from overseas to come to South Africa for drug dependency treatment? The answer must surely lie in a combination of the effectiveness of the drug rehab programs that are offered and the extremely competitive pricing that the Rand exchange rate makes available to foreign clients. Affordable drug rehab Of […]

Best Rehab South Africa

If you find that you have a problem with drinking you will find that some of the best alcohol abuse rehab centers in South Africa are not only more affordable than foreign options but often more effective as well. Many overseas referral agents send their clients to alcohol abuse rehab centers in South Africa for […]

Drug Detox Clinics in South Africa

Find immediate help near South Africa today!! We can help you to choose the best Drug Detox Clinics to meet your specific needs. We will help you select the best Drug Detox Clinics near to South africa to meet your treatment and rehab requirements and which matches your budget. have a combined experience of […]

After Detox, how do I beat drug and alcohol addiction?

If detoxification is the first step to beating alcohol and drug abuse then what follows?  It’s only after successfully removing the residual chemicals that patients are ready to start their addiction treatment program in earnest. The importance of detox It’s important to detoxify because drugs and alcohol cloud addicted peoples judgement and perceptions and without […]

Affordable Rehab Treatment

People become addicted to alcohol, other drugs (chemical substances whether legal or illegal) and addictive behaviours for many different reasons. What is clear today is that regardless of whether the origins of addiction are biological, psychological or social, what’s more important is that addiction to alcohol and other drugs has been proven to be a […]

Admitting Yourself into Addiction Treatment?

If you have made the decision to admit yourself into a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre, it’s perfectly normal for you and your family to feel nervous and anxious. The good news is that admitting yourself into addiction treatment doesn’t have to be daunting – if you know what to expect. Here is a […]

Addictions Counselling

If you’re looking for information on addictions counselling then it’s likely that your life is being negatively affected by addiction. Either your own drug and alcohol use has come to the point where you want to quit or HAVE TO begin looking at options around quitting. For more information on how normal it is to […]