Addiction Treatment Centres

Addiction Treatment Centres

If you needed medical attention, you’d want to get the best professional treatment by trained & qualified staff in a licensed hospital, surely?

Well, the same goes for addicted people; the best treatment is provided by professionals in an accredited centre.

The unfortunate stigma associated with addiction & its treatment is an additional burden for the already deeply ashamed patient & contributes to why alcoholics / addicts do not willingly seek rehab.

The truth is that getting appropriate assistance for addiction to alcohol and other drugs (sex, food, gambling), whilst terrifying for the patient and their families, is a step in the right direction. Addiction needs professional help.

Only around 4% of addicted people manage to get to 1 year’s uninterrupted sobriety without treatment.

Overcoming addiction has got nothing to do with willpower or intellect. It’s a brain disease & we have little control over its onset or severity. It really can happen to anyone of us regardless of age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion or lack of religion.

Professional & private addiction treatment gives people the opportunity to live happily again, without having to rely on drugs or alcohol to function. It provides the chance to rebuild lives and restore health & success.

What Happens Inside Addiction Treatment Centres?

Addiction treatment is about detoxification, removing roadblocks that may cause a relapse and to prepare patients for a safe reintegration into society clean & sober. These skills are paramount to avoid replase.

Quality treatment provides effective medical care, education, one-on-one counselling, group & family therapy.

Medical Care

Withdrawal symptoms can make it nigh impossible for addicted patients to stop. in fact, it can be unsafe to stop drinking or using without medical intervention.

Withdrawal symptoms can be mild or severe depending on the drug, length & severity of usage.

Certain drugs, both legal drugs, can result in withdrawal symptoms that may become life-threatening if medical care isn’t received. Hence, a medically managed detoxification is the first step in efficient treatment.

Detoxification provides a medical substitute for the particular drug and enables a safe weaning off , helps to reduce cravings & restore sleeping patterns after a life ruled by narcotic substances, including alcohol.

Once detox is complete, patients move into the next rehab phase.

Counselling, Therapy & Education

Treatment doesn’t solely focus on physical symptoms, but also the psychological & emotional factors that play a part in the onset.

It’s normal human behaviour to drink alcohol and even in some cultures use drugs recreationally. People don’t plan to become addicted. The reasons for starting to drink and / or use vary, however over time about 10% of the population becomes addicted.

Using alcohol or other drugs to cope results in diminished problem-solving abilities. In order to correct this, patients are taught strategies without having to return to the bottle.

Counselling, therapy and education help people to address causes & conditions of dependence and how to best avoid relapse in the future.

Private treatment gives clients the opportunity to have a real connection with people in similar positions, providing a curative factor called “universality”. A term coined by Irvin Yalom, now considered to be the ‘gold standard’ of group therapy, a core treatment modalities.

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